About the Den of Alacrity

Hello intrepid internet explorer.    

The Den of Alacrity is a YouTube channel and blog where you can;
1. learn new hobbies and discuss old ones,
2. find better ways to learn online
3. build habits to help you make the most of your free time.

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Meet the Denizens

Mac Bowley

Mac is the founder of the Den, he loves video games, fantasy audiobooks and baking. He will also enthusiastically rant at you about all of them.

Mark Calleja

Mark is a gamer, reader, maker, surfer, writer, teacher, doer, watcher, builder, sleeper, Dungeon Master and thrower of sharp objects. He'll tell you about all of this stuff until you ask him to stop

Michael Conterio

Rarely found without a smile on his face, Michael is a comedian, educator, and surprisingly energetic person.


By day, Abi can be found trying to teach teenagers. By night, Abi can be found gardening, dancing, playing D&D or building her Animal Crossing island. Like all good superheroes, her identity must remain a secret.