I love hearing about people being creative almost as much as I love being creative myself (Looking at my output, some would say more), and I’m particularly drawn to writers. Since you're here at the Den, I assume you do too, so I'd like to share a couple of inspiring recommendations with you.

Austin Kleon

Austin is someone who clearly spends a lot of time thinking about how to be creative, and what creativity actually is. I particularly like how much he emphasises that everyone is drawing influences from other people, and how he encourages the idea of making sure this is an active choice by the person supposedly being "influenced".

I've got copies of his "Steal Like An Artist" trilogy (now also available as an audiobook) and I try to follow some of the guidance there, picking and choosing depending on what I like from them (which I am sure he'd approve of). I'm also subscribed to his email newsletter, and have found several fun things (as well as other newsletters) from that too.

If you have time, I recommend going back through his blog from early on, to see his transition from focusing on his "Blackout Poetry" (made by using a black marker to cross out words from newspapers and other text, leaving the poem behind) to "showing his work" about creativity, while bringing up his kids.

Desert Island Discworld

To start, I should say that I really appreciate the title of the Desert Island Discworld podcast as it really describes the format well. Much like "Desert Island Discs", this show is as much a chance to interview the guest as it is to talk about their selections, only this time it's the Discworld book they would want if they were marooned on a desert Islands, rather than a selection of music.

I came to this podcast as a massive Discworld fan, but actually found myself enjoying the non-Discworld interview sections just as much thanks to the great selection of guests. From the comedian Tiernan Douieb who first made me aware of the podcast through a computer game narrative designer, a science fiction writer who's also a poet, to the host of a podcast about wrestling, I've enjoyed hearing from such a variety of creators. While I may not always agree with either their interpretations of Pratchett or some of their views in general, our shared love for the Discworld series gives us a connection straight away, which really helps with engaging with the interview. I don't think there's a single episode where I've not come away with something new and cool to think about, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the fourth season.

But wait, there's more!

Between those two there's plenty for you to be getting on with for now, but I plan to be back with more creative suggestions soon. In the meantime, I'd appreciate hearing what has helped you to think about creativity. Get in touch by tweeting to the Den, @DenofAlacrity (or click the link below).

There is more where that came from...