I think we can all agree that the last couple years have been real tough. This time have been like nothing I have experienced before, shut away from so many of the people I love and surrounded by uncertainty - in one word I would say I have felt isolated. This has caused many of us to take to the internet to hang out with our favourite creators and artists, and I always find my self returning to hang out with John Green. His new book "The Anthropocene Reviewed" is an exploration of all the things he has been feeling over the past couple years, in the format of reviews of parts of the human experience.

Throughout the book John touches on the important topics we are all wrestling with, the climate crisis, inequality across our society and of course isolation. As an avid fan of both of the Vlog Brothers, I was excited to read a book that is a lot more personal than the novels John usually writes. Through his viewpoint and beautiful prose I am left with a greater understanding of my own experiences over the last year. In a time when I have been the least visible in my lifetime, The Anthropocene Reviewed made me feel seen.

John explores topics that are close to his heart, like Liverpool football club, gardening and writing. I loved every minute of it. To the point where even I - a part time Manchester United fan - rewatched the famed "miracle in Istanbul" game where Liverpool turned a 3 goal loss at half time to a win on penalties. Through this experience and many others in the book, it truly felt like spending time hanging out with John Green. Almost like meeting a new person, a novel experience in 2021.

I cannot recommend this book enough if you too have felt isolated over the past year and want to reclaim the experiene of hanging out with a new friend.

With all my heart I give The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green 5 stars.

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