I love meeting new people, especially when it leads to enthusiastic conversations. But I feel I have less social energy than ever. The problem: I hate small talk.

I don’t really mind what you think of the weather - but I will more than happily listen as you explain the plot of the latest podcast you have been binging. Please refrain from telling me how busy your work day was, but maybe you went on a trip around America and have stories to tell? Amazing, I want to hear all of them!

I want to surround myself with meaningful conversations with intelligent people, the kind where everyone walks away having learnt something. But how do you start these kinds of conversations? I thought I would share an answer with you, it’s inked right on my skin.

My sleeve

I became obsessed with tattoos when I was about 12 years old. I caught a marathon of Miami Ink and watched for a whole day. By the time the evening arrived, I had planned out a full sleeve.

That sleeve was an homage to all my favourite things, which at 12 amounted to; Pokemon, Spyro, The Lion King and Spiderman. When I turned 23 and I finally had enough money I realised I still wanted that sleeve, so I booked my first consultation. That was 4 years ago, and now it’s nearly finished. My taste has evolved over the years but the idea is straight out of 12 year old Mac’s head.

It wasn’t intentional, but in getting this tattoo I was sending a message to the world: I wear my enthusiasm on my sleeve.

Putting your enthusiasm out there for all to see

The tattoo is a huge conversation starter. It seems wherever I go, I will get stopped by someone who resonates with a part of the sleeve. They tell me about their experience and I share mine. We immediately have something in common. Zero small talk. Sometimes they don’t even say hello, just “Spiderman!”

My sleeve

The best part is that everyone picks out a different combination of things: everyone has a slightly different view or opinion on things and I love to hear about them.

The Den

This is what I want The Den of Alacrity to be: a gathering place where enthusiasm is at the forefront for all to see. Somewhere you can go to read about your interests and discover the interests of other people. I want us to have lots of conversations about the things we love doing.

So come on in and get reading! We have an open door policy and welcome anyone who is eager to learn and share. The more the merrier. We will be putting out regular content to help you learn online and get the most out of your free time. So be sure to follow us on social media to hear about new articles.

The pledge

I want this ethos to be more than just talk, I want action. Every week I pledge to use social media to share my enthusiasm and wear it on my sleeve, and I invite you to talk to me about anything you see.

On a weekly basis across The Den of Alacrity’s social media channels I will be sharing:

  1. Something I loved doing this week
  2. One thing I want to learn
  3. Someone who has inspired me

Using the hashtag #denthusiasm

What should you do?

Well, first...

Follow the Den on whichever platforms you use:

Join me in wearing enthusiasm on our sleeves on social media, sharing your favourite hobbies as well. I can’t wait to see what you are all doing.

There is more where that came from...